Service Times

West Virginia Ministries

of the Church of God

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2.  He is my Lord

The foundation of everything that we believe and what the Bible teaches.

                         SERVICE TIMES

Sunday            10:30 am    Morning Service

                               Children's Church

Thursday          6:30 pm     Youth Group       

Wednesday       7:00 pm     Prayer Service

                               Kid's Club

Pastors Gary and Martha Bennett

Pastor will be sharing his messages on Facebook for Sunday mornings and we will be posting a "bulletin" each Wednesday on Facebook and our Website with a word from our Pastor and any announcements.

If there is anything you need, or anything I can assist you with, please contact me at 740-297-9946. If you don't get me, please leave a message, or text me.


Pastor Gary

We are experiencing an extraordinary time.  This is something that none of us have experienced before. The Church Council has met and feel after much thought and prayer, it is time for us to reopen our church for services. In order to do this, we have taken measures to keep you safe and healthy.   With this in mind, the Council has put together the following guidelines based upon our Governor’s office.  


Following are four things we can all do:

Pray that we can be a witness for the church; that we will not allow the coronavirus to quarantine our faith

Act responsibly.  Wash your hands

Respect the space of others

Rest in God



Suggest all attendees sanitize their hands.  Masks or face covering in the building is optional.

Sanitizer and masks will be provided inside the narthex.

Ushers and greeters will wear gloves and masks.  Ushers will open door for those attending service.

If you have a condition which makes you more susceptible to contracting something, you may want to consider the possibility of not attending services until you feel comfortable.  We will continue putting our service on Facebook.

Will practice social distancing with our seating.  Ushers will be glad to seat you.

Families should sit together.

At close of service, Pastor will dismiss attendees by rows in order to maintain physical distancing.

Entire church has been sanitized and cleaned thoroughly.

Children will meet in Fellowship Hall which will ensure physical distancing.  There will be no Nursery at this time.

Offering will be received by dismissing each row to come forward.

No pre-service fellowship at this time.

No Bulletins.

No outside activities will be scheduled at this time.

Greet each other with a smile

Reopening Guidlines

Note:  Check out the Bulletin tab for a word from Pastor Gary.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The church council has met and approved starting church services on Sunday, January 17 at 10:30am.  As noted below, a face mask is required at all times while in the building.  For now, we will only have the Sunday Morning Service with no Children's Church. Please feel free to attend.  However, if you are uncomfortable attending, we will continue to have the service on Facebook.