Devotion from Pastor Gary


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Pastors, Gary and Martha Bennett

May 17, 2022


[Matthew 7:6]

I decided a long time ago in my Christian walk to error on the side of generosity.  I am speaking about those times when you want to assist someone in need, yet you find yourself wrestling down inside as to whether you should or not.  This comes about due to the unassurance in feeling you have due to the situation and the sincerity of the person needing help.

Sometimes we try in vain to assist people who do not appreciate the assistance when offered to them.  Their response can sometime be offensive.  They’re so ungrateful that it almost feels like they spit in your face.  Martha and I try to embrace those in need.  Yet we have learned some hard lessons, as each of will from time-to-time.

This may seem harsh in what I am out to share but, there are professional people, people who make a profession of taking advantage of others, because they have become experienced and polished at knowing how to tug the heart strings of others.  The hard lesson here is to reach a point when we have to stop throwing away our time and attention on people who don’t care.  They especially do not care or have no interest in where they personally stand with their Creator and the need for Eternal salvation.

Every soul is precious!  Lost people matter to GOD!  Each need to be treated with dignity, and as a unique creation by GOD’S merciful hand.  Yet, when people consistently refuse to appreciate what you are trying to offer them, respect must be given to their choice.  And as well, respect for yourself to quit giving a way the most precious gift which is being offered to them, especially sense they absolutely have no interest


We don’t normally think of other people as “dogs” or “swine” yet this the Son of GOD’S vernacular.  JESUS used these descriptive words for the behavior of a category of people.  Why using these words are so effective. GOD doesn’t pull any punches concerning the spiritual condition of souls.  HE definitely is decisive on those who choose to snub HIS SON.  And, why not?  That is who we were before coming to CHRIST.

This word ‘give’ in our main verse, is the Greek word “DIDOMI.” Here, it is used with a negative in Greek grammar, and should be taken as a command. Which is translated “NEVER GIVE….” It emphatically declares that this is something that should never be done!  The Greek word for “HOLY” is “HAGIOUS” or something that is “hallowed” or, “precious.”  JESUS words translate, “NEVER GIVE WHAT IS HALLOWED AND PRECIOUS TO THE DOGS….”  There is no room for any misunderstanding here --- JESUS said this should never be done.

That which is holy…” is that of which GOD has done inside us; the hard things you have learned,   lessons learned, insight and wisdom gained, and the spiritual gifts you have gained in your relationship with the HOLY SPIRIT.  It is impossible to put a price tag on tat in which has cost you’re your life.  Who can measure the tears, pain, and energy spent to gain those revelations ad the lessons you have learned?

When we open our heart and share these ‘holy’ things with someone else, we are opening the door to your most private treasures given to you by the HOLY SPIRIT.  When we begin to share details, secrets, insights, and wisdom that has been gained through the hard knocks of life through the HOLY SPIRIT, it is a precious gift we are giving to another person.  Please never underestimate the tremendous value GOD places on the experience and wisdom we have gained.  These are HOLY things!

Each time we break open the Word of GOD, sharing biblical principles, lessons, and insights we have gained dealing with our own hearts, seeking to do GOD’S Will, we are giving out precious nuggets to those who are listening.  These nuggets are given in the Name of the LORD.  That’s why we never give to the dogs these precious and holy things.

But, who are the ‘dogs’ that JESUS is referring to in our main verse?  In the Greek, the word ‘dogs’ is the word “KUNUN.” This is the same word to describe the vicious, wild, unclean dogs which that roamed the countryside, on the out-skirts of JERUSALEM.  These dogs were famous for pillaging the garbage dump outside the city where unclaimed dead bodies were thrown to rot or to be eaten these dogs and hungry vultures.  Not tame, and out-of-control, diseased, mangy dogs; always trying to get into people’s garbage, to where walls hand o built to keep them out.  

Sadly, some people are the same way.   Apparently, JESUS had encountered some of them.  Thus, HE used this depicted category for some people.  These are people who refuse to submit to anyone’s authority.  They wonder like nomads from church to church, using one after the other.  They are trying to get into places that they are not normally allowed.

Our verse, is telling us that before we open our hearts and begin to share our deepest spiritual experiences and most inner treasures---allowing them to get closer to us, we need to make certain that these people are sincere and serious about their walk with GOD.  These won’t throw away our treasures and not care about their spiritual condition.

If they stubbornly defy your advice and even act offended as to what you are offering with the Gospel message, it is time to turn your attention to someone else, who is truly interested.  There comes a time, when you wipe the dust off your feet and move on.  Still pray for them, that somehow the HOLY SPIRIT will quicken their spirit for their spiritual need.

Open your spiritual eyes!  The HOLY SPIRIT will lead us to someone who is sincerely hungry for Gospel.  Release the person you’ve been trying to encourage.  If they do not want change, not even the HOLY SPIRIT can bring this change in an unwilling heart.  If they are grown and an adult salvation can and will not be forced onto them by the HOLY SPIRIT.  TRUST IN HIS LEADING AND MOVE ON.

Remember [John 6:44]!

In View of Eternity,

Pastor Gary